Who We Are

Our Story

Project GUTS began in January 2007 as a collaboration between the Santa Fe Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge, the Santa Fe Public School district, Santa Fe independent schools, Santa Fe science-related businesses and informal science centers. Initially Project GUTS was a youth-serving program that hoped to engage 200 middle school students and 40 school day teachers a year. Project GUTS grew and learned to support a community of teachers within New Mexico before reaching a national audience through a partnership with Code.org in 2014. Project GUTS is now used by an international network of teachers who have learned to teach the GUTS way through our online course developed with funding from Google. In 2016, Project GUTS moved to its new home at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Scheller Teacher Education Program / Education Arcade.

Program Director: Irene Lee

Irene Lee is the Project GUTS’ Principal Investigator and Program Director. In this position, she plays many roles; she organizes Project GUTS workshops, develops the curriculum, manages the program, conducts on the research component of Project GUTS, and shares our findings with the community and funding institutions. Irene served as the Chair of the CSTA Computational Thinking Task Force and Professional Development Committee, and is a member of the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards writing team and the K12 CS Framework writing team.


Program Manager: Melody Hagaman

Melody Hagaman is Project GUTS’ Program Manager and Facilitation Lead.  She is an award winning Science and Computer Science teacher at Centennial High School in Las Cruces, NM.   Melody first became involved in Project GUTS as an afterschool club leader at


Curriculum and Guide Developers: Susan Gibbs, Wendy Huang, Irene Lee

Graphic Designer: Maria Levy

StarLogo Nova Lead Developer: Daniel Wendel

TeacherswithGUTS.org Developer: Agaric, Inc.

Evaluation: Education Design


Veteran Project GUTS Facilitators:

Sheryl Arriola, Broward County, FL
Josh Bearman, Richmond, VA
Kris Beck, Chicago, IL
Steven Boyd, Broward County, FL
Jennifer Cordova, Edgewood, NM
Irene Fong, Austin, TX
Susan Gibbs, Santa Fe, NM
Laura Griffith, Los Angeles, CA
Melody Hagaman, Las Cruces, NM
Lindsay McGowan, Chicago, IL
Miriam Niebla, Broward County, FL
Paige Prescott, Santa Fe, NM
Natalie Rhodes, Shenandoah County, VA
Kerrie Rovito, Chicago, IL
Miguel Santana, Chicago, IL
Rodney Weems, Chicago, IL


District Partners

Albuquerque Public Schools
Chicago Public Schools
Las Cruces Public Schools
Richmond Public Schools
Riverside Unified School District
Santa Fe Public Schools


Our Partners
Project GUTS thanks its partners for bringing new opportunities for our youth

Afterschool Alliance
Computer Science Teachers Association
CSforAll Consortium
Education Development Center
Supercomputing Challenge
Santa Fe Public Schools
Santa Fe Alliance for Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Scheller Teacher Education Program
New Mexico State University, STEM Education Outreach
New Mexico State University, Young Women in Computing
New Mexico Tech
University of New Mexico, Department of Computer Science
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory
Santa Fe Science Initiative
Inquiry Facilitators
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council
Redfish Group
Santa Fe Public Library
NM Public Education Department, Math and Science Bureau
International Society for Technology in Education
Northern New Mexico Network
NM Network for Women in Science and Engineering
Computer Science Teachers Association
Bradbury Science Museum
Shodor Education Foundation

Our Supporters
Project GUTS thanks its sponsors for supporting our work.

National Science Foundation
Bendier Foundation
Google RISE
Google CS4HS
New Mexico EPSCoR
Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation
Lockheed Martin / Sandia Foundation
Afterschool Alliance
NM Public Education Department – Summer Institute funding
Los Alamos National Bank
Infosys Foundation

Project GUTS thanks its advisors.

Karen Brennan
Eric Snow
Joyce Malyn-Smith
Shuchi Grover
Fred Martin